Sunday nights are sercive industry nights!

October 4, 2015

The first weekend of Chambers of Horror is off to an amazing start with great crowds and the best show we’ve had to date! Rain or shine we are open and have our crowd covered in the Pabst Blue Ribbon Splatter Bar. AS a special thanks to all of our people in the service industry we offer $5 off with a check stub showing that you work in a restaurant, bar, strip club, or hospitality type industry. See you all tonight!


Opening October 2!

September 23, 2015


This year wear back with tons of new scares and frights around every corner. come experience the shocking terror that is Chambers of Horror! It’s scary, its grotesque, and just down right dirty for the adults out there! This year will be our last one on North Ave! So be sure not to miss what we have come up with for your disturbing Halloween frights!

Within 7 years of its opening, Chambers of Horror has established itself as one of America’s most intense, disturbing, and groundbreaking horror attractions. Unlike the majority of spook-and-scare haunted houses, Chambers of Horror is story-driven, innovative, and extreme. Played out by some of Atlanta’s most talented actors and amateurs, with high-quality makeup, props, and prosthetic. Sets and props created by industry professionals that spend most of the year working on The Walking Dead and other popular television shows. Upon entering, guests are pulled into the story line, they become part of the show being possible infected victims of unknown terror from beyond. They are brought through the facility experiencing and discovering the terror that lies beyond the facade. Hallways and rooms full of actors and frights tell the story, complete with shocks and scare for those not faint of heart.
October 2 & 16th Be sure to stop by to see Atlanta’s Horror Rock kings THE CASKET CREATURES at the PBR Splatter Bar

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Sunday is your last chance!

November 2, 2014

Open 8-12 tonight!










Open rain or shine!

November 1, 2014

The attraction is all indoors.

Overflow Parking for Friday / Saturday Night

October 24, 2014




Please attempt parking at local Masquerade/Chambers of Horror lots and street parking first. Attendants can direct you to shuttle lot when needed.

On busier nights at The Chambers of Horror and The Masquerade we arrange for an external parking lot with a shuttle. You can go to the parking lot at 501 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA  and shuttles with arrive throughout the night to take you to and from the lot. .


College Night Tuesdays $5 off!

October 21, 2014

* REMINDER * Tonight (Tuesday) is COLLEGE NIGHT at Chambers of Horror – get $5.00 OFF admission with your valid college I.D. (18+)

Tie up your friends and bring them too…and for those of you 21+ we do have a FULL BAR. Just sayin’…..


Watch The Walking Dead at Chambers of Horror

October 12, 2014

Sunday nights are Service industry nights! So that’s $5 off your regular priced ticket with a pay stub from whatever service industry bar/restaurant/strip club you work at! We are still open to general audiences at regular price or with discount coupons from 8pm-12am this evening.

Also as an added bonus, we will be screening the Season 5 premiere of Walking Dead as it airs in the open air Splatter Lounge on the big screen! So grab a drink and get your TWD fix before checking out Atlanta’s most shocking horror attraction!


Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)

Review from

October 11, 2014

“I jumped, laughed and was a little grossed out….Chambers Horrors is the real thing.”


A few years ago a new haunted attraction, Chambers of Horror, popped up in Atlanta’s infamous Masquerade, a rock club on the city’s east side. The rumors started to circulate and the haunt quickly built a reputation nation wide. This is an adult orientated haunt that has profanity, violence, sexual content and nudity. We knew professional haunters that said that Chamber was so dirty that they felt like they needed a shower after walking through. Naturally we had to see if Chamber lived up to the hype.

We decided to visit on a Wednesday night to avoid the lines. When you purchase tickets you must sign a waiver and have your id checked, this haunt is 18 or older. Clips of horror movies played in the outdoor area.  Some nights there are live bands and/or side-show performers. You then make your way past  the Splatter Bar before queuing up for the haunt. There is a photo-op with a bare-chested corpse. Already, this was not your average haunt.

When you enter the haunt you are greeted by a single actor that lays out the basis for this year’s story. A military task force excavated the site of Torture Co. where mass murders had taken place. The bodies of over 200 people who had been reported missing were found on the site after Torture Co. was set ablaze in 2012. Dr. Stewart Gordon studied the cases in-depth and speculated that the government had been involved with secret societies such as Torture Co.. The doctor later disappeared. Last summer the government opened up a special forces recruiting center on the site of the murders and you are the latest recruits. The actor doing the introduction was one of the creepiest we have seen. You really weren’t sure how much he was acting. You were sized up, yelled at, ridiculed and even hit on in the first room.  We thought this is going to be good.

We then boarded an elevator to take us to the training area. We soon found we were not alone on the elevator. This room left me with chills as this actor made you also feel uncomfortable. We would make our way past several sick and twisted experiments. There were doctors working on sexual test subjects, specimens being impregnated, mutated animals and a crazed red neck.  This haunt had some of the most bizarre characters I have seen. If Saw, Hostel, and Rocky Horror Picture Show combined to give birth to a haunted house it would be Chamber of Horrors. It was offensive and at times uncomfortable but often funny and always entertaining.

Normally haunts have warnings that you should not enter if pregnant, or if you have certain physical or medical conditions. Chamber of Horrors should have its own disclaimers. If you are easily offended, do not like profanity, are uncomfortable with sexuality or have no sense of humor then this is not the haunt for you. There were a couple of rooms that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up but most of all I was entertained. I jumped, laughed and was a little grossed out. We were told the nudity  and sexuality was scaled down from previous years but it does depend on the cast each night. Lately several haunts claim to be offensive , distasteful or edgy. Chambers Horrors is the real thing.

Splatter Cinema comes to Chambers of Horror!

October 3, 2014

SPLATTERSCREENINGSFBheader2014 Missing the monthly Splatter Cinema screenings of badass films on the big screen? Well we sure are too. So we’re bringing it back in a pretty badass way. For the month of October we will be showing movies at midnight every Tuesday in the Masquerade Music Park right by the Que line for Chambers of Horror. We have built and updated our screening system for movies and pretty excited about how this is going to turn out.
So with that being said here’s the line-up!

Oct.7 Maniac Cop


Looking for new BLOOD!

September 20, 2014

Want to join our tight knit cast and crew and put on the most extreme horror attraction in the southeast? We are in our sixth season of shocking and frightening people here in Atlanta and it’s the greatest ride of your life. Come see why our cast members and crew come back year after year. We are growing and need to add to the group to produce our best show yet.

For interview information please email Bring your A-game and most outgoing attitude and show us what you got!